Victims: Liberal Journalist Feels Sorry for Appointed Senator

Aaron Flint posted on February 18, 2014 14:27 :: 2163 Views

He was handed a seat in the US Senate as the result of a backroom deal- the “Diplomat Buyers Club” as The Daily Show referred to it.  And it was all done in an attempt to try and give the Harry Reid-picked candidate for US Senate in Montana a better chance at building up his name ID before the November elections. 

So, pardon me for failing to sympathize with Susan Milligan’s piece in US News and World Report.  She was troubled by the fact that not one GOP senator congratulated John Walsh (D-MT) for being handed a senate seat

Last week, when Democrat John Walsh was sworn in as the new senator from Montana, not a single GOP senator was on the floor to witness it, let alone walk over and offer a handshake of welcome. Perhaps they were annoyed that Walsh gets a bit of a head start in this November’s Senate race, especially since Montana offers a good pickup chance for Republicans eager to take back control of the Senate. (Walsh was appointed by a Democratic governor to fill the seat being vacated early by Max Baucus, who was just confirmed as U.S. ambassador to China).

Meanwhile, a majority of Montanans in this KTVM poll oppose the Walsh appointment.  (Note, this is a non-scientific web poll, but don’t liberals usually have better turnout with the online polls?)

While liberal journalists like Milligan are offended, apparently The New York Times is worried:  

From Fox News First:

“It seems to be sinking in across the media – today in the New York Times – that Democratic control of the Senate is in real jeopardy. Democrats quoted both on the record and anonymously are waiting for Republicans to implode from within. While nasty Republican primary fights may produce the Democrats’ desired outcome, so far it seems the GOP has its eyes on the prize: the majority. With it, the equation in Washington would change dramatically and a president who began in office with his party in control of both chambers of Congress would leave with control of neither. We’ll see. But clearly the concern in Democratic circles is growing. And how about this? Chief White House Correspondent Ed Henry points out this nuance from David Axelrod, longtime top strategist to President Obama, talking to the NYT about Republicans and the debt limit: ‘This is a serious threat. And it would behoove Democratic activists and donors who are whipped up about 2016 to shift their focus, or they may be sitting here in November, looking at a Republican Senate to go along with the House.’ Is there a note of some preemptive finger pointing here? Time will tell.”  – Bret Baier


Al Smith

Tuesday, February 18, 2014 4:16 PM

Ah shucks, no Republican shook hands with Walsh. Break my heart and pass the Kleenix! So, why make friends with someone who will only be there a short time anyway?

It comes as no surprise to even the most uninformed citizen that democrat control of the senate is in significant jeopardy.

Heck, take a quick glance at the look on Harry Reid’s face (ok, don’t, I can’t blame ya!) and you see the most stressed out painful expression in recorded history. His knickers are in a twist and that hurts even a guy with small stones like Harry’s.

Reid knows he’s one big reason the Dems are sinking fast. Like a boat anchor around their necks, president Obama is an even bigger reason Dems are underwater.

Notice how few who are up for re-election this year want to be associated with either Reid or our fearless King, Obama the Anointed One. They run away from “Obama’s signature achievement”…as the major media like to call Obamacare, like they was headed for the outhouse with a case of screaming mee-mees. Can’t blame them, it is not working and probably never will.

Speaking of working…where ARE all those shovel ready jobs Obama promised to long, long ago?

OK, I quit for today.

J. C. Kantorowicz – Great Falls

Wednesday, February 19, 2014 6:24 AM

To a democrat, the word “compromise” means…… “Agree with me”. To a Republican….. Whoops….. Establishment RINO, the word “compromise” means…… “Anything you say boss, and please don’t be angry with me”!

So, no republican in attendance nor willing to shake the pretender’s hand? That can only mean one of two things. 1) No democrat told them to show up. 2) No Republican realizes Max is gone.

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