Schweitzer Can’t Think of Anything Nice for Obama

Aaron Flint posted on January 16, 2014 11:38 :: 974 Views

Former Gov. Brian Schweitzer (D-MT) apparently can’t think of anything nice to say about President Obama.  Plus, when it comes to healthcare, he says he is “a little like Michael Moore.” Meanwhile, Time magazine apparently doesn’t take his 2016 ambitions too seriously, asking on the cover of the latest issue- “Can anyone stop Hillary?”

TPM Livewire: Brian Schweitzer Can’t Really Think Of Anything Nice To Say About Obama’s Record

Now there’s MSNBC’s Benjy Sarlin’s profile of Schweitzer, who struggled to identify a single positive achievement under Obama’s belt.

“My mother, God rest her soul, told me ‘Brian, if you can’t think of something nice to say about something change the subject,’” Schweitzer said after a long pause, before slamming Obama’s record on civil liberties and the Affordable Care Act.

Here’s more, from Politico:

“I’m a little bit like Michael Moore,” Schweitzer said. “I suppose I’m a Democrat, and I ought to roll over like a fat dog and get scratched by the pharmaceutical and insurance companies because, gee, we have to apologize for so-called Obamacare. I’m not going to apologize a damn bit.”

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Politico’s “Playbook” has this on the latest Time magazine cover:  (Note– the Time link is behind a paywall/subscriber signup so I am not sure if Schweitzer was even mentioned in this piece)

TIME cover, “Can Anyone Stop Hillary? How to scare off your rivals without actually running (yet),” by David von Drehle : “This dearth of competition — which could change if Clinton were suddenly, somehow, to appear vulnerable — is a testament to her immense pull inside the Democratic electorate, which is disproportionately female. She has cleared the field of major challengers despite the fact that the party’s left wing has serious reservations about her centrist record and gilded connections. … [P]rogressive Democrats tend to see her as a hawk on foreign affairs and an enabler of Big Business. Despite this antipathy, … no fresh figure has emerged to pick up the banner of the left.

“At this point, only a cantankerous Vermonter, Bernie Sanders, has shown much appetite for the race-and Sanders, a self-described socialist Senator, will have to switch parties if he wants to challenge her in the primaries. In other words, the Stop Hillary movement among Democrats may never get started.

NBC’s “First Read” had this:

And while former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer is certainly dipping his toes into the presidential waters, he did the same thing regarding the state’s vacant Senate seat — and remember how that turned out. American politics is full of surprises. But right now, the smart money is on Hillary facing little to no opposition if she runs in 2016. 

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