Putin or Obama- Who Would You Rather Go Fishing With?

Aaron Flint posted on January 27, 2014 14:14 :: 2023 Views

The news that former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney says Vladimir Putin “outperformed” President Obama reminded me of my blog post from last summer when Putin was spotted wearing gear from a Montana outdoor company.  

When I mentioned that news on the radio, a listener from Bozeman said his son spotted Putin fishing on the Gallatin River. (I have not been able to independently verify this information) But that got me thinking- if you had to choose, who would you rather go fishing with- Russian President Vladimir Putin or US President Barack Obama? Please share your thoughts in the comments below. 

From Politico: Romney says Putin “outperformed” President Obama.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney said Friday that Russian President Vladimir Putin has “outperformed” President Barack Obama, criticizing the country as it prepares to host the upcoming Sochi Olympics.
“I think Putin has outperformed our president time and time again on the world stage,” Romney said in an interview with NBC News released Friday.



God Bless Capitalism…Putin Rocks Montana Gear

I thought it was ironic earlier this week when Al Sharpton was criticizing Bill O’Reilly for trying to use race in order to seek political gain.  How about the irony in this?  The president of Russia, in a picture made famous by The Drudge Report, is sporting gear made all the way back here in Montana.  Well God Bless capitalism.  

Laura Lundquist has the story for The Bozeman Daily Chronicle:  

Russian president Vladimir Putin is known for his bare-chested photo opportunities, but a Bozeman company is getting some publicity for putting a parka over those pecs.

Sparking an international fish-tale debate, Russian television on Friday posted a video of Putin reeling in a large pike. While many viewers question both the reported weight of the fish – 46 pounds – and whether Putin actually caught the pike, there was apparently no question about the brand of camouflage jacket that Putin was wearing.

“I personally got 40 emails over the weekend and most linked to photos in a Drudge Report article,” said Sitka Gear business leader Kevin Sloan. “After that, another website said we got the award for best product-placement.”

Click the link above for much more information, and the story of how Sitka gear began targeting Russia several years ago. Video from Sitka website:   

Al Smith

Monday, January 27, 2014 10:01 PM

Putin plays Obama like a fiddle and it is obvious Putin has very little respect for him. It’s truly sad how weak our president appears in the eyes of the world. It makes our country vulnerable in so many ways.

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