Political Trough: IRS Corruption May Stay Hidden. Wild Horses.

Aaron Flint posted on January 27, 2014 15:16 :: 1743 Views

Details of IRS corruption being investigated by Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT) and Rep. Dave Camp (R-MI) may remain secret, even after the work is completed.  The carbon tax drives up inflation in Australia.  Maybe this Super Bowl promo is how we can solve the problem with wild horses crowding Western rangelands? And- no matter who wins the Super Bowl, Missoula will celebrate. That and more is included in the Political Trough below:  

Washington Times: Congressional inquiry on Christine O’Donnell tax records heats up, but truth may stay hidden

Powerful committees in both chambers of Congress now want answers to questions surrounding Christine O’Donnell’s personal tax records and whether the Delaware Republican’s private information was illegally accessed and ultimately used in an effort to derail her 2010 U.S. Senate bid.
Only the chairmen of the investigating committees — Rep. Dave Camp, the Michigan Republican who heads Ways and Means, and Sen. Max Baucus, the outgoing Montana Democrat who heads the Senate finance panel — can learn exactly what happened in a case such as Ms. O’Donnell‘s.

“The IRS takes a position that they don’t have to tell you the wrongdoing by their own agency and employees because of the protections that are supposed to be afforded to the taxpayer are then reversed and afforded to the IRS employee. This is a big problem. This agency is a big problem,” said Cleta Mitchell, a Washington lawyer who has sued the IRS on behalf of the National Organization for Marriage and has worked with tea party groups who claim they were singled out by the government.

The Daily Caller: Carbon Tax Drives Inflation in Australia

Australia’s inflation rate was the highest it had been in two years after consumer prices jumped in the December quarter. Aussie conservatives have blamed the country’s carbon tax for the jump in prices.

The Aussie left-wing Labor Party imposed a tax on carbon dioxide emissions in the summer of 2012. The policy contributed to job losses and rising prices throughout the country, according to reports, and helped the conservative Liberal-National coalition win a landslide victory last year by opposing the tax.

“The carbon tax is bad for the economy and it doesn’t do any good for the environment,” Abbott told The Washington Post. “Despite a carbon tax of $37 a ton by 2020, Australia’s domestic emissions were going up, not down. The carbon tax was basically socialism masquerading as environmentalism, and that’s why it’s going to get abolished.”

Maybe we can solve this problem of wild horses overcrowding Western range lands once and for all…by taking advantage of this Super Bowl special in Washington:

A veterinary clinic is showing their Seahawks’ pride with a “Free Bronco Castrations All Week Go Seahawks”sign posted outside of their business.

Candi Riker, the Cascade Veterinary Clinic administrative director, told KING 5 that two of the doctors at the clinic came up with the idea the Monday after Seattle defeated the 49ers to win the NFC Championship.

No matter who wins the Super Bowl, we know they’ll be celebrating in Missoula.

KPAX.com: Letterman list spotlights alcohol drinking in Missoula
Jacqueline Quynh

What was David Letterman talking about? Earlier this week, the part-time Montana resident mentioned Missoula as he set up his “Top Ten” list.
According to Letterman, Missoula was ranked third on a list of cities with the most alcohol consumption in the nation.

“Like you get done mountain biking or kayaking, or skiing and you want to go to the bar and have some beers,” bar patron Matt McGady told us.

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