MTN on Walsh: Who Knew and When Did they Know It?

Aaron Flint posted on January 21, 2014 09:03 :: 979 Views

The Montana Television Network asks, who knew about it and when did they know it?  This, as Governor Steve Bullock (D-MT) stumbles to explain the latest negative headlines facing the Democratic US Senate candidate, Lt. Governor John Walsh (D-MT). 

Here’s the latest from KXLH-TV: Top Montana officials were in the dark about Walsh investigation

Then-Lt. Gov. John Bohlinger’s name was on the letterhead of the letter Schweitzer sent. But a spokesman for Bohlinger, now running against Walsh in the Democratic Senate primary, said Bohlinger wasn’t in the loop.
“Bohlinger was not involved and trusts Schweitzer made the proper decision,” Bohlinger campaign spokesman Bob Brigham — who has attacked Walsh repeatedly on Twitter over the report — wrote in an email Monday.

Here’s how Gov. Bullock responded to MTN reporter Sanjay Talwani:

“As attorney general, I had constitutional and statutory responsibilities,” Bullock said. “I consulted with the Governor on a number of things; this isn’t one of them. I heard about the report before I asked now-Lieutenant Governor Walsh to join my ticket, heard about the full airing of it. It didn’t concern me and I think that he’s provided tremendous service to the state throughout his career.”

While Gov. Bullock’s response may seem ok on paper, you really have to watch the video clip to notice the struggle he had in responsing to the inquiry from Talwani. 

That’s where even a blogger in Great Falls who is very friendly with the Democratic consulting firm Hilltop Public Solutions, which is running the Walsh campaign, says the Governor had a tough time ‘splaining his response:

Governor Steve Bullock who picked Walsh as his running mate appeared on MTN news and crashed and burned trying to explain the situation. Bullock’s “bob and weave” and the rhythm of his delivery reminded me of Jeff Foxworthy getting ready to deliver a “you might be a redneck” joke. Bullock is a pretty terrible public speaker – just a notch or two above Sen. Max Baucus.
It seems almost everyone on the left has endorsed John Walsh for U.S. Senate. It’s going to take several million dollars to change the negatives of Walsh – money that he may not be able to raise. This issue needs to go away and go away quickly for Walsh to mount a serious campaign against Daines.

Click here to watch video of Gov. Bullock’s response.

The key takeaway from my perspective: the story itself won’t be so much of the trouble for the Walsh campaign as the fact that it looks like they have something to hide.


Al Smith

Tuesday, January 21, 2014 12:42 PM

The Governor says, “he’s (Walsh) provided tremendous service to the state throughout his career.”

Maybe so, but then one usually learns early in life that one “Oh,crap!” wipes out a hundred “Atta boys!”

Lying does not sit well with most Americans, even when done by the most admired among us. The notable liars that pop into mind include “I did not have sex with that woman!” President Bill Clinton and “You can keep your Doctor and healthcare plan” President Barack Obama.

So, if Walsh did fib, he now finds himself in some rarified Democrat company!

And don’t give me a ration about Presidnet Bush and the WMD’s, everyone bought off on that piece of intelligence misinformation, including the lovely and gracious “What does it matter now?” Hillary Clinton.

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