For the Denver Broncos- Beef Better Be for Dinner

Aaron Flint posted on January 29, 2014 12:02 :: 1146 Views

Even last Fall’s polling from Public Policy Polling (PPP) has shown the Denver Broncos as the favorite team for Montanans.  Looking for another reason to like the Broncos? Well, try this cut: for the Denver Broncos, beef better be what’s for dinner, even if it isn’t on the menu.

The New York Post has this, as summarized by Politico’s “Playbook:”

DESSERT — “Beef and booze before Bowl,” by N.Y. Post’s Emily Smith and Stephanie Smith: “Members of the Broncos defensive lineup Steven Johnson, Robert Ayers, Kayvon Webster, Jeremy Mincey, Malik Jackson, Sylvester Williams, John Youboty and Terrance Knighton had dinner at sushi restaurant Tokya in Midtown East. But the athletes found fish too light and requested a steak dinner. ‘The Broncos thought sushi was too dainty a dish for the main course,’ a source told Page Six. ‘They ate tons of sushi rolls, every roll imaginable, then said they needed more protein and demanded steak. So the restaurant had to send someone out for 25 pounds of steak.’ The athletes also preferred sturdier cutlery – when presented with chopsticks, ‘They immediately asked for forks’ …

Speaking of the Broncos, PPP has a new poll that was just released Tuesday.  Here’s the highlights:

In a time when Americans are divided about many things, pulling for the Broncos brings people together across lines that usually separate them. Liberals, conservatives, men, women, whites, African Americans, Democrats, Republicans, Latinos, and voters young and old are all cheering for Denver to win on Sunday.
The overwhelming favor for the Broncos is likely a product of Peyton Manning’s unique popularity. 64% of Americans have a positive opinion of him to just 8% who see him unfavorably.

Oh yeah, and nobody really cares about Richard Sherman one way or the other. 

From the previous PPP poll back in November:

-When we asked Montanans who their favorite NFL team was in November 2011, when the Packers were undefeated and the reigning Super Bowl champs, 19% said the Packers to just 16% for the Broncos. Now with the Broncos flying high and the Packers looking mediocre there’s been a big shift- 28% say the Broncos are their team to 11% for the Packers, 10% for the Seahawks, 6% for the Cowboys, 5% each for the Vikings and 49ers, and 4% each for the Bears and Steelers. Looks like there are a lot of bandwagon NFL fans in the state.

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