Zinke Announces Run for US House in Montana

Former State Senator Ryan Zinke (R-Whitefish), who served as a commander at SEAL Team 6, announced his run for the US House Monday in Billings. 


            As someone from an old Montana family, I can trace my family roots to my grandparents in eastern Montana, where my grandmother was a school teacher and my grandfather helped to build Fort Peck Dam. My parents, a mother from Glasgow and father from Glendive, knew the importance of hard work and taught me these values as I grew up in the small railroad and timber town of Whitefish. Now, I set sail for a new adventure.

            I am proud to say my family is from both sides of Montana but I have never liked the gap between the East and West. In fact, when I played in the Shiners Football Game in high school, I thought that we should alternate East West and North South every other year. That way Billings would have Missoula for a while.   

            I ask you today, is the sun setting or rising on America? Retired Admiral Mullens, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said the biggest issue facing our country is our national debt, but with all due respect I think the real issue is trust.

            We are in a crisis of trust. As a 23-year veteran of the Navy SEALs, I can attest that as a nation it’s inconceivable that we loose trust in our government. How do we restore faith in our government?

            First, we turn to our Constitution and the values that have made America great.

            When the NSA spies on the government, we need to hold them accountable. When Senior IRS officials harass and intimidate hard working families, we need to hold them accountable. When the government attacks our 2nd amendment rights, we need to tell them that they cannot infringe on our most fundamental right to bear arms.

            It’s imperative to remember that the government stops at your mailbox.

            Next we need to focus on economic freedom, and keeping the American dream alive. We need to ensure equal opportunity, not equal outcomes. The government should not be picking their own winners and losers, but instead let the free market decide. We need to resist excessive regulation and control that’s directed by career politicians. Washington should not be telling Montana how to manage our wolves, our water, or our natural resources.

            Let’s keep the government out of our houses, our businesses, and out of our pockets!

            The fuel of American exceptionalism is through energy independence. The last two wars were fought because of our reliance on foreign oil. It’s time we stop sending our kids overseas to fight for foreign oil. Montana has enough coal, oil, and natural gas to make this country energy independent. 

            We need to focus on accelerating North American production, develop our infrastructure with pipelines, roads, sewer systems, and a working communication network.

            I will fight for a national commitment to become energy independent in five years.

            This is about unity and American exceptionalism. We are all stakeholders in America’s success. I will work to restore trust in our government and hold Washington accountable. I will defend our freedoms and promote our energy independence.

            American exceptionalism is based on one nation, under God. It’s time to unite as a Republican Party, and rally around American values.

            United we stand, divided we fall.

            Again I ask you, is the sun setting or rising on America? I’m an optimist. The sun can rise on America because the greatness of our country is not in the strength of its government but in the strength and resolve of the people. 

            That’s why today I announce my candidacy for the U.S. House of Representatives and I ask YOU to join in the battle to protect America’s values.

            Thank you. God bless America, God bless the great state of Montana, and God bless our troops. 

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