Feds Post No Trespassing Sign in Montana

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According to a Dillon, Montana hunter, federal officials placed “no trespassing” signs up at a wildlife refuge in Southeast Montana, and then personally blocked the bow hunter from accessing state lands. 

Here’s the note from Don Copple: (h/t TodayInDillon.com)

Recently, I planned a bow hunt in the Southern reaches of Beaverhead County. I planned out my hike on a trail on public land, to access state lands behind posted private property. This portion of the Red Rocks Refuge is typically open for hunting big game. Shortly after suiting up, with bow in hand, and anticipation of a good hunt, I was confronted by the refuge manager in his private rig, and informed the refuge was closed. I said that I knew the Government was shut down, so expected facilities such as campgrounds, offices and outhouses to be locked. I proceeded to let him know I was just going to walk up the trail to access State lands. He said, you can’t, didn’t you see the sign, the refuge is closed due to the Government shutdown. It’s kind of hard to see a sign while it is still dark, but told him I would look at it. I asked the question, are you serious? He said he was, and told me I couldn’t park in this spot on the County road either, the parking spot is about 500 yards back on the road from the trailhead, but I can’t hike it anyway, because it is closed. Again, I said I just want to get to the State land, he said, I know, it’s hard. Hard isn’t the word, impossible is more like it, as this is the only public access. I understand closing land access due to public safety, or national security, but this is a blatant misuse of government power. To deny access to our public lands is ludicrous, and I think illegal. I don’t blame the Republicans for this land shutdown, or the shutdown of our national monuments. The administrators work for the Presidential Cabinet. Maybe these field managers are following the direction of the particular agency administrator, but they are treating this public land as if it is their privately owned land. My Forefathers did not fight and give up their lives so the king could keep his peasants off his lands. The Government does not own these lands, they have agencies that have jurisdictional management responsibilities. The US Fish and Wildlife Service does not provide safety services in regard to this particular trail, unlike the National Parks. If I injured myself, the Search & Rescue and County Sheriff would have the responsibility to locate me and rescue me.

Remember this next fall. Vote to keep our country free. Vote to keep these public lands in the ownership of the People.


Al Smith

Wednesday, October 16, 2013 2:16 PM

Aye! Those lands belong to the public. The public is you and me. We pay for them and for the upkeep of them with our taxes. Americans need to wake up and realize this is still a government of the people, for the people and by the people! The people, you people, is us! It is not those turkeys in Washington DC, or in Helena either for that matter. Next election is a ways down the road yet but you can let them know how you feel as soon the liberal gate and road closers start accepting emails again. I been saving up!


Wednesday, October 16, 2013 5:56 PM

Control freaks and drama queens… The only impression this leaves on the world is how out of control power is being used. This is exactly why our forefathers established a constitution and bill of rights to govern by and protect U.S. citizens. Progressives? These people supporting this B.S. need to be exiled. This is Anti-American.


Friday, October 18, 2013 11:45 AM

I share your anger and frustrations. However, when the govt. was up and running under normal funding, you generally had no problems with access or govt. services. When the Republicans allowed themselves to be corrupted by Tea-Baggers, they then collectively forced the govt. shutdown. They said repeatedly that was their goal. Intentionally. They planned for it to happen. For months. They were thrilled with their own success. They bragged about their success. They brag STILL about shutting down the govt. And your lack of hunting access is just a side symptom of their planning.

I do blame the Republicans. Entirely. And I do VOTE.
And I will not forget. I hope you don’t forget either. The side effects of shutting down an extremely complex system can not always be predicted. I’m sure the Republicans were concerned about Montana hunters for about, . . . NEVER.
Or any of the other millions of American Citizens that were inconvenienced for the last 3 or 4 weeks. Them dumb Bubbas wanted the Govt. SHUT DOWN. They got what they wanted. YOU, and me and all of us, are still paying the price.

Besides the lack of hunting access, the cost of their idiotic pranks are estimated to be at least $20 BILLION. And the Republicans call themselves the “fiscally responsible” party?!? I will Vote. And I will not forget how they planned for all of this to happen. Months of planning. Sheeeeeeshe.


Saturday, October 19, 2013 2:31 PM

Tom you are assuming that I voluntarily use public services.

I pay my taxes so yes in a round about way I do. I have the services of the IRS and the postal service at my disposal.

Yes,I do drive a vehicle that I pay federal excise tax on and every gallon of gas that it consumes. Yes, I use federally funded highways too.

Yes, I have a phone and electricity that come with a tax and user fees tacked on by the feds.

I have a Federal monument and a federal refuge that I non voluntarily acquired out my back door.

When I buy goods such as ammunition I voluntarily send a portion of the proceeds to be divided among the ATF, Treasury department,FBI, DEA, secret service etc. and who ever else gets some of the proceeds.

Do I complain about the proceeds and taxes that I pay? To some degree, yes. Do I ask for these services? No & Yes, to a degree so I can live in a civilized society and have a governing body in place. Not a government that is made up of individuals thirsting for control and power without the ability to administrate.

Do I like what is going on and the administrators of our government? No. Do I want less government? Yes. Do I have confidence in the chosen to be leaders, Hell no.

I give to the charities of my choice and then let the government contribute some of my taxes to the charities of their choice.

This is where I disagree with my government…these organizations fueled by public funding keep getting larger needs and more administrative costs.

I am a simple man who owns a small business. I have always met the needs of my family financially and with the care, guidance, and love that a family leader is expected because of my ethics, morality, and faith. I have done so because I recognize responsibility is from within.

However after an explanation of how I utilize public funds and my philosophy as an individual,am in disagreement with many.

I find myself competing against my government and the folks that don’t pull their share. People that are working the system. Yes, and that system has become perplexed due to governments inability to say no to many of these wild #&& ideas.

I wish that there were other ways to draw attention to the fact that our country is in “zombie” mode. We have a lame duck president and a capital that is full of people who spend countless hours listening to themselves rather than others. I flip on CSPAN and can’t listen to it either. The media and their guests cannot present a point and debate respectfully. There should be a 30 second ruled shut up, listen, digest, then make a well thought out rebuttal. Perhaps more people would listen because some common sense might present itself.

By the way my folks paid their taxes yet chose to pay for my private education. My father served under Gen. Patton and became a small business owner. My mother contributed much of her life to charities as well as worked with my father in his business.

My wife and I pay our taxes and contribute to our community asking only for our fellow man to be respectful and take in share in the burden life challenges us with.

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