The Femme-A-Gogues in Colorado Gun Debate

Aaron Flint posted on September 05, 2013 15:26 :: 697 Views

Michelle Malkin nails it in her latest column focusing in on the Colorado gun control debate, and the legislative recall elections stemming from the new gun control measures passed by the Democrat-controlled Colorado State Legislature. 

Malkin takes on the “Femme-A-Gogues” who are trying to argue, ahead of the September 10th recall elections, that Republican candidates will take away a womans ability to purchase birth control.  In reality, she argues that it was the Democratic legislators, up for recall, who took away the right for a woman to choose to defend herself.  

Here’s more from her column:  

The true misogynists are Morse, Giron and their Bloomberg-bolstered gang who shut out Colorado citizens, disparaged Second Amendment-supporting rape victims and female concealed-carry permit holders, and cut off the testimony of countless sheriffs who opposed the sovereignty-infringing gun-control measures. Women voters here and across the country should not forget that these Nanny Staters told grandmothers, mothers and daughters last spring that they don’t need handguns to defend themselves, because “rape whistles,” “call boxes” and “ballpoint pens” are sufficient.

The gun-grabbing femme-a-gogues think they can do what they did to Colorado U.S. Senate candidate Ken Buck in 2010: hammer the GOP into submission and defeat over their phony “reproductive rights” agenda. Enough. “Our bodies, our choice” does not just apply to abortion and birth control. It applies to every woman’s right to defend herself as she sees fit.

The Dems’ presumptuous paternalism aims to keep independent women both physically and intellectually disarmed. I say: Think and act with your ladysmarts, not your lady parts.


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