Ted Turner + FWP + Bison + Schools= Agenda?

Aaron Flint posted on September 13, 2013 09:07 :: 1347 Views

Ted Turner + FWP + Bison + Bozeman Schools= Agenda?

That’s the concern from Kerry White with Citizens for Balanced Use who noticed the below flyer in his grandson’s backpack: 

In an e-mail, Kerry White wrote, “I am concerned by the connection of this book to Ted Turner. The book is about the history of bison on the plains but I feel there may be a more sinister agenda. I am not a conspiracy theorist but Ted Turner is a known socialist who calls for a reduction of world population and his Quest to Save a Troubled Planet…I also find it interesting that one of the partners mentioned on this notice is Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks.”

White also noticed that the flyer has a reference to “bison herds in Montana.”  

Of course, this comes as Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP) in recent years has been holding public meetings looking at allowing “wild bison” herds in the state.  Many ranchers and other landowners felt the meetings were really just windowdressing for an FWP leadership that already had their minds made up. 

Additionally, current FWP Director Jeff Hagener recently served as the leader of the American Prairie Foundation, which is buying out ranches in Northeastern Montana in an effort to build their bison reserve.  The efforts of American Prairie have met stiff opposition from Montana’s Hi Line communities who feel the removal of the ranches will negatively impact the economy and the population base in Northeastern Montana.  



Saturday, September 14, 2013 9:46 AM

Bozeman, Mt, Jackson,Wy Boulder,Co, Santa Fe Nm, Whitefish, Mt. All the same. They are the western towns that personify liberalism and want to force their pet projects into other people’s lives.
This book “Buffalo Music” being foisted upon Bozeman school students is pure and unadulterated propoganda to further the agendas of the American Prairie Foundation, Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks and others of their ilk. Book should be called what it is..Buffalo “Chips”.
There should be enough soccer field acreage in Bozeman and Whitefish to fence in and house a very fine bison herd. How ’bout it.

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