Women in Gun Classes Up, Billings Home Invasions

Aaron Flint posted on August 20, 2013 15:21 :: 565 Views

Home invasions targeting young females are capturing the attention of residents in Montana’s largest city.  At the same time the number of women seeking concealed weapons permits, and taking professional shooting classes, is on the rise across the state. 

On our statewide radio talk show Voices of Montana today, Tuesday, August 20th, we took the show to the only indoor shooting range in Billings- Three Sights Indoor Shooting Range.   We talked with a group of women and found out why they decided to start carrying firearms and taking shooting classes.

Thanks to the great hospitality of Wade and Nadine Fredrickson, we heard from two nursing students at MSU-Billings, a farm mom from Worden, a nearby gym instructor, and a leading businesswoman in Billings to get their take.  The recent concerns over home invasions, combined with the gun control debate were certainly motivating factors. 

In fact, Nadine tells me that used to have about a 60 to 40 split with men over women taking the shooting classes.  Now, they’re seeing a 68-32 split with women over men taking the classes. 

Check out audio of Tuesday’s show by clicking on our podcast page below:



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