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Aaron Flint posted on August 31, 2013 16:26 :: 1509 Views

“Californication.”  That’s what is wrong in Colorado, as Michelle Malkin told me today in Orlando, Florida for the 2013 Defending the American Dream Summit. 

Malkin, who now writes her conservative commentary from her home in Colorado Springs, particularly mentioned the recently passed gun control laws that are now leading to legislative recall elections. 

MALKIN: “The recall that we have coming up on September the 10th over the gun grabbing, I think, is ground  zero.  This is a shot that will be heard round the world one way or the other.  The left knows it, they’re pouring hundreds of thousand sof dollars into this campaign.  ‘Nanny’ Bloomberg just dumped $350,000 last week.  And the hard scrabble ragtag group of ordinary citizens in Colorado Springs, where I live, and Pueblo where there is the 2nd recall, have really been doing this all on their own.” 

The latest polls that were publicized in The Denver Post show that this has hurt Gov Hickenlooper (D-CO), but it behooves the Republican party at both the state and national level to leverage that and…have real consequences for those actions. 

Malkin says the recall is a precursor to battles to come with Gov. Hickenlooper, noting his national aspirations. “This needs to be a stain on his record that’s indellible, that lasts.” 

I also asked Malkin if we, as a country missed an opportunity to truly unite people during the 50th Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s speech. 

While the official events at the Lincoln Memorial appeared to be far too partisan, Malkin says the GOP could have been ready to offer events of their own.  She says the GOP should have highlighted where free market policies have benefitted all americans. 

MALKIN: “Mark Levin’s Landmark Legal Foundation was one of the groups that was instrumental in winning the battle over school choice in Wisconsin that was fought by Milwaukee black families, and by black state legislator Polly Williams.”

She added that the GOP did try to tell these stories during the 2012 Republican National Convention, but the mainstream media and MSNBC tried to “whitewash” their coverage. 

Plus, she says I gave her the idea for her next column.  What idea did I give her?  Tune in to Tuesday’s Voices of Montana statewide radio show for the answer.  Live from 9-10 AM Mountain Time. 

Gov. Bobby Jindal also covered the issue of school choice during his speech Friday.  He hammered Attorney General Eric Holder for, on the Friday before the 50th Anniversary of Dr. Kings speech, taking legal action to force minority students back in to failing classrooms.  

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