It Must Be Friday…a Couple Must-See Videos

Aaron Flint posted on August 09, 2013 11:41 :: 17714 Views

My morning was pretty much shot on this Friday.  First, I read this satirical piece in The Duffel Blog, headlined-  ‘Eccentric’ Sergeant Major Is Actually Completely Insane. (For all of you veterans out there, no names please- ha)

Then, someone posted this video: “Bad lip reading from the NFL”

That of course follows Joe Biden’s “Buy a Shotgun”…in a Song (h/t The Blaze) that I posted earlier this week.

There’s some other interesting stories and odds and ends on this Friday in the news cycle as well.  Looking for an underground bunker in the most romantic state in America?  KTVQ-TV’s Jay Kohn has this:

For $1.5 million dollars, you could be the proud owner of four underground fallout shelters in Montana’s Paradise Valley.

That offering featured on Craigslist, is turning heads and reviving memories of the Church Universal & Triumphant.

The four bunkers are made of reinforced concrete, and are located on 12.5 acres.

You might have been wondering why I referred to Montana as the most romantic state, especially when they tell us “Virginia is for Lovers.”

Rebecca Vogt has this for NBC Montana:

As residents of Montana, we know we love our state. But the folks at StumbleUpon confirmed it. The popular online explorer search-engine researched nearly 30 million users who created lists about love, dating and relationships – and Montana won out. A large percentage of folks are feeling the romance in The Treasure State.

StumbleUpon reports Rhode Island, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and Vermont round out the top five. Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alaska, and Oklahoma are considered the least romantic states. For more on StumbleUpon, visit their website.

 Meanwhile, I heard this through a listener (Dan in Helena) who caught Jimmy Kimmel discussing fly fishing in Montana with Julia Louis-Dreyfus.  Watch the full clip below.  It sounds like Julia, Jimmy, and Huey Lewis have another trip in the works…

In other news of interest, here’s the headline from The Billings Gazette: “Princeton student’s CT scans of dinosaur fossils at Billings Clinic yield breakthrough discovery”

Evan Saitta, a rising senior at Princeton who has been digging dinosaur fossils north of Billings for five years, made the history books Thursday.

While scanning a series of 150-million-year-old stegosaur fossils at Billings Clinic, he made a breakthrough step in finding a way to differentiate between male and female stegosaurs.

“This site is the furthest north of any late Jurassic dinosaur site,” he said. “It’s older than most dinosaurs you find this far north.”

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