Press Questions Schweitzer’s Folksy DC-Bashing

In Washington, D.C., the “traffic is bad,” “most of the people you talk to are frauds” and Georgetown “sucks,” at least according to former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer.

That’s how Roll Call’s Kyle Trygstad opened up his must-read article Wednesday afternoon highlighting the “charm offensive” that allies to Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT) say Schweitzer is mounting with Baucus.  

Read that and more, including a jab from former top Baucus aide Barrett Kaiser against former Gov. Schweitzer, by clicking here to check out my previous blog post.  

Schweitzer’s Roll Call interview was packed full of folksy rhetoric.  But is the folksy schtick getting a little old for the Capital press corps?   

Here’s a tweet from a contributing editor for New York magazine and GQ, followed by a series of tweets from Alex Burns with Politico

The Missoula Independent also says, to drop a folksy liner,its time for Schweitzer to fish or cut bait.  Here’s an excerpt from the latest edition of the Indy, out today:

It’s hard not to view Schweitzer’s prolonged deliberation as a bit coy, a trademark Schweitzerian act of political theatrics. News broke earlier this month that he’d traveled to the Beltway to meet with interest groups that typically back Democratic candidates. In May, Schweitzer stood before a group of state union leaders in Billings and told them that, should he indeed decide to run, he’d need their help. He joked with The Hill recently that he should change his ringtone to Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe,” a nod to how often he’s getting calls about 2014.

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 Alex Burns Tweets

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