PMAGs: Get Em While They’re Legal

Get ’em while they’re hot…or at least while they’re still legal

From The Daily Caller:

With just two weeks to go before sales of high capacity magazines will be illegal in Colorado, Magpul Industries released a 40-round version of its popular PMAG magazine, offering a limited supply to Colorado customers hoping to beat the deadline.

“[T]he PMAG 40 provides 10 more rounds of capacity before requiring a reload — which could be a lifesaving difference,” the company wrote on its Facebook page. “This new ‘safe capacity’ offering is ideally suited for those who may need to respond to multiple threats without extra rifle magazines carried on their person, or for military members looking for an extra margin of safety in high-tempo operations.”

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Meanwhile, the mayor of Bozeman, Montana is teaming up with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” gun control campaign. 

In case you missed it, here’s a recent story from The Bozeman Daily Chronicle:

Bozeman Mayor Sean Becker spoke to more than 40 people Friday to mark the six-month anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary school massacre, saying the U.S. needs tougher background checks on gun purchases.

The rally was co-hosted by Organizing for Action, a nonprofit group affiliated with the Democratic Party, and Mayors Against Illegal Guns, an organization of more than 950 mayors across the nation.

The Bozeman Police Department and Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office reported that a nonfatal shooting and a murder-suicide last fall were the only major gun-related crimes locally in the last seven months.

So, the mayor of Bozeman is teaming up with Mayor Bloomberg.  Will the soda ban be proposed next in the Gallatin Valley? 

It is interesting to note that a mass shooting at a school is being used as a backdrop by the Bozeman mayor to push for new gun control laws.  Earlier this year, when students and 2nd Amendment advocates sought to allow the right to carry protection on campus, the MSU Police Chief in Bozeman said students would be “more likely to be struck by lightning” than become the victim of a mass shooter. 


It was a mass shooting at a school that was used as a backdrop by President Barack Obama and Senate Democrats to make new gun control laws a top priority in Congress this Winter and Spring.  But, when it comes to a mass shooter on a college campus, “It’s more likely you’ll be struck by lightning.”

Those were the words used by Montana State University campus Police Chief Robert Putzke who told The Bozeman Daily Chronicle that students don’t need to carry guns on campus for safety.  

His comments were made as House Bill 240, which would allow students to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights and carry protection on campus, sits on the desk of Gov. Steve Bullock (D-MT) pending his signature or veto.  The Montana Univeristy System spoke out in opposition to the bill.  

Putzke’s comments followed those by Gary Marbut with The Montana Shooting Sports Association: 

Marbut argued “gun-free zones” attract mass-shooter madmen “like garbage draws flies.” It takes police an average of 3 to 6 minutes to respond to emergencies in Montana cities, he said. “They simply can’t be there on time. Since they can’t – you’re on your own.”

MSU Police Chief: More Likely to Be Struck By Lightning

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