Guns: Colorado St. Senator Throws Race Card

A Colorado state senator, taking heat for supporting new gun control laws in the state legislature, is playing the race card. 

Dana Loesch has a great piece at that quotes two separate articles out of Colorado, one from and another from

Giron said she wasn’t surprised that the group was able to deliver boxes full of petitions. But she said she was surprised at the racial undertones taken by some of the group’s supporters.

“I know it’s partially about me being a Latina and being in this position of authority,” said Giron.

Carefully ignored is the fact that three other Hispanics, both Republican and Democrat, male and female, opposed a number of gun bills this session.

Also, in case you missed it, a Louisiana State Senator, who happens to be black, leaves the Democratic party.  His must-see explanation is below:

Back to Colorado and the gun control debate, the Senate President is also under fire for his gun control votes this session, and his opponents appear to have gathered enough signatures.  The Daily Caller has this:

Colorado Senate President John Morse, the legislator who has become the face of the state’s tough new gun control laws, may be campaigning to save his political career now that the secretary of state has certified that his opponents turned in enough valid signatures to trigger a recall election.

But his lawyers want all the signatures certified as valid tossed out on a technicality.

If the challenge is unsuccessful, Gov. John Hickenlooper will set a date for the election, which could be as early as August.

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