GOP Ties Schweitzer to Obama’s Climate Agenda

Brian Schweitzer is Responsible for President Obama’s Radical Climate Change Agenda 

Energy Taxes & Energy Costs, Fewer Jobs for Montanans

Washington, D.C. – Today President Obama will unveil his plan to bypass Congress to force a radical climate change plan which will have devastating ramifications for Montanans.  Brian Schweitzer’s work to help elect Barack Obama is responsible for the liberal policy agenda that will destroy jobs, raise energy costs, and hurt working families in states like Montana.

Families in Montana believe that the most critical issue is growing the economy, creating jobs, and helping the middle class to get ahead. Yet President Obama’s latest initiative will lead to more red tape and harmful regulation, energy taxes, and higher costs that could cripple the entire industries and destroy local jobs.

Democrat Brian Schweitzer has been a loyal supporter of President Obama’s liberal agenda, such as extreme climate change measures that would hurt Montana’s economy including a nationwide Cap and Trade system which could destroy jobs and increase taxes.  And while Schweitzer later claimed to have changed his mind, he certainly didn’t shy away from Obama’s green agendajust last year. Montana’s middle-class workers and families deserve better.

Brian Schweitzer isn’t fooling anyone and has a lot of explaining to do,” said Brook Hougesen, Press Secretary for the National Republican Senatorial Committee. “Schweitzer fought to help President Obama and now is responsible for a radical agenda that threatens families, workers, and entire industries in Montana.  Schweitzer made his choice, and in 2014 Montanans will get to make theirs.”


Schweitzer Flipped On Cap-And-Trade

2007: Schweitzer Called For A National Cap-And-Trade Program

“Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer (D) Urged Congress Today To Establish A National Cap-And-Trade Program To Limit Greenhouse Gas Emissions. ‘We can’t have a cap-and-trade that is regional,’ Schweitzer told the Senate Finance Committee.” (“Mont. Governor Calls For National Cap-And-Trade Plan,” Greenwire, 2/27/07)

Schweitzer: ‘We Need A Cap-And-Trade That Is National.” (“Mont. Governor Calls For National Cap-And-Trade Plan,” Greenwire, 2/27/07)

Schweitzer Called For A National Approach To Avoid “The ‘Balkanization’ Of Climate Programs Being Assembled In Separate States.” “The first-term governor insisted the national approach to global warming was necessary to avoid the ‘balkanization’ of climate programs being assembled in separate states, including a five-state regional pact signed yesterday that covers Arizona, California, New Mexico, Oregon and Washington.”

2008: Schweitzer Said Cap-And-Trade Was The “Wrong Approach”

Schweitzer Said He Was Not A “Proponent Of A Carbon Cap-And-Trade System,” Calling It The “Wrong Approach,” And Adding That It “Tends To Transfer A Lot Of Wealth From Consumers Of Electricity To Utilities.” (John S. Adams, “Governor Looks To Year Ahead With Optimish,” Great Falls Tribune, 12/26/08)

Schweitzer: “The Approach Ought To Be That You Set A Fee On Carbon, And You Can Increase That Fee Every Year, And The Rate That You Increase That Fee Is Approximately At The Rate Of Improvement In Technology, So That The Actual Cost Of That Carbon Doesn’t Increase With Time, but it ensures you that everybody who is an emitter of CO2 will continue to decrease, because if they don’t, they won’t be competitive and they will be put out of business.” (John S. Adams, “Governor Looks To Year Ahead With Optimish,” Great Falls Tribune, 12/26/08)

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