GREAT AUDIO: Montana Vet Walking Across US

You may have heard the story of Vietnam Veteran Chuck Lewis and his walk across America.  Or, maybe you were one of the folks messaging me who saw him walking along Montana’s Highway 2 and said, “was that him?” 

The answer is a likely- Yes.  Chuck Lewis called in to our statewide radio talk show Voices of Montana this morning as we were live on the air.  In fact, he was listening to the radio as he began his walk this morning.  (Carrying the radio was his wife’s idea)  Chuck was about 4 miles east of Wolf Point, Montana when he called in.  By Memorial Day, he plans on walking to Sidney, Montana where he will serve as the keynote speaker for their Memorial Day ceremony.   If you missed the show, you have got to listen to Chuck Lewis as he describes the trip thus far.  Click here to go to our podcast page for the audio. 

You can also click below to listen to Chuck’s call in to the show:

Click to Listen

Linda Sappington, who is doing PR work for “Walking for the Fallen” sent out this background information on Chuck and his walk:

Marine veteran Sgt. Chuck Lewis, Montana Honor Guard of  “Walking For the Fallen” is walking across America and will be arriving in Wolf Point between Monday, May 20 and Wednesday, May 21. 

Lewis, a 62-year-old resident of Ronan, MT, left Everett, WA on March 31 and has averaged 22 miles per day on foot via Highway 2 on his way to the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, DC. Lewis plans to arrive at the memorial in late September, 2013.

The walk is both a fundraiser for wounded veterans and a personal tribute to those who have served.  Please visit for information.

Lewis is also available to offer presentations to schools and civic organizations along the route. Track Lewis’ progress, recorded every 10 minutes via Spot satellite, at

Picture below of Chuck Lewis and others is from the Walking for the Fallen Facebook page:

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