Baucus Threw Legislative Dems Under Bus…er Train?

Aaron Flint posted on April 18, 2013 13:17 :: 2125 Views

Senator Max Baucus (D-MT) has certainly been facing criticism across the country, after the author of Obamacare spoke at a Senate hearing Wednesday and remarked that Obamacare is an approaching “train wreck.”  For a hilarious visual of the train wreck approaching all of the people looking for free stuff- click here

Did Sen. Baucus also throw Montana’s legislative Democrats under the bus…or-in front of the train…with his remarks?  That argument is being made below.  

But first, for those of you in East Helena who were hoping to build a new school, it sounds like a mill levy increase will be on the ballot.  Instead of a new school; however, it looks like the folks in East Helena are getting stuck with Obamacare.  

From a generic school board election story in The Helena Independent Record

“East Helenans will also have the chance to vote on a proposed mill levy of $136,000.

The proposed levy is intended to pay for the district’s compliance with the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act, according to Ron Whitmoyer, the superintendent of East Helena Schools.”

So, did Senator Baucus also undercut the efforts of legislative Democrats in Montana with his “train wreck” remarks?

The anonymous, liberal Montana Cowgirl blog had this on Baucus’ remarks:

We can forgive him if it was an accident; oratory is not lately his thing.

But if it was said deliberately and planned, we can infer that this signals a new political strategy by which Baucus will attempt to blame Obama for poor execution of what Baucus otherwise believes was a workable law as passed.

The remark does not do any favors to democrats in the Montana legislature who are trying, with the help of a few moderate Republicans, to pass a law that would allow the state to get more Medicaid funds–six billion more over the next seven years–from the federal government.  Obamacare’s shaky standing among Montana voters is the one hangup that could cause the House to balk at voting in favor of accepting the money (the Senate has voted to accept it). 


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