Transmittal: Dems Confident GOP Will Cave

Aaron Flint posted on March 01, 2013 12:08 :: 741 Views

The Western Word has some words of advice to 2014 Senate candidates, try avoiding a 7-man primary if you want to win. Find that here, plus- given the transmittal break, he had some comical observations on the news of the day.

Regarding the Fertilizer Spill:

Did anyone else find it ironic that around the same time Montana Legislators were leaving Helena for the “transmittal break” about 10 tons of fertilizer was spilled just north of Helena?

I bet it was spread pretty thick…

For DUI’s on the Rise in Helena:

Beartooth NBC reports there’s been “a sudden spike in drinking and driving” in Helena (MT). The local sheriff says he believes it’s because we’re “coming out of winter time” and people are getting out and celebrating.

Maybe it’s because the Montana Legislature is in town and they are driving people to drink…

Find that and more by clicking here.

When it comes to party talking points during the transmittal break, the AP report shows that legislative Democrats feel they can force enough members of the GOP to cave.  In particular, it looks as though they feel they can convince enough Republican legislators- still bitter over their loss of leadership posts- to get back at the current GOP leaders by helping to pass legislative priorities of Democrats. 

Senate Minority Leader Jon Sesso wasn’t bashful his view of the end game. The Butte Democrat predicted that a divide in the Republican caucus on key issues will force them to seek out Democrats. Sesso said “the Democrats are going to ultimately prevail.”

Republican House Speaker Mark Blasdel responded simply: “We’ll see.”

Lee Newspapers also offered this report:  

Senate Majority Leader Art Wittich, R-Bozeman, called Bullock’s tax-rebate proposal a ”gimmick that won’t encourage any economic activity,” and said he prefers tax relief that will “provide the greatest probability of economic growth.”

On Medicaid expansion, Republicans leaders said they remain strongly opposed — although they said they want to give Bullock’s proposal a fair hearing when it hits the Legislature in bill form.

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