Montana B-Ball…with a Cherry on Top

Aaron Flint posted on February 14, 2013 14:47 :: 1134 Views

I’d enourage you to take just a few minutes break from all of the political noise of the day, and read this ESPN article profiling The University of Montana’s Will Cherry.  This is a story of a Mother’s love that you have got to read on this Valentine’s Day. 

The article highlights the fact that UM’s basketball team, led by Cherry, is now in the midst of a 14-game win streak, the second longest winning streak in the country.  But, earlier this school year, Cherry was down-and-out, facing an injury.  It was on one of those down-and-out  nights when he decided to call his mom, Yvette Martin.

As Myron Medcalf writes for ESPN:    

Like any good mother, she soothed the pain. But she also preached the message she’d reiterated since Cherry was a boy: Fight for what you want.

And Cherry wanted to play. So she reminded him that prolonged self-pity would not help his recovery. “I told him, ‘We’ve been through tougher situations than this,'” she said. “I was more concerned about his mental stability in the situation. I just let him break down like he needed to break down. Your mom sees all of the tough stuff.”

Added Cherry: “My mom is probably the main reason I am where I am today.”   

What did his mom when she found out that a teacher told him he would never play in the NBA?  Find out the answer to that question, plus- how she would coach him to prepare for news interviews, and how she placed faith and academics above all else, by clicking here for the full story.   

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