For All You Entertainment News Freaks…

Aaron Flint posted on February 06, 2013 12:02 :: 543 Views

Allright, for all you entertainment news freaks out there (yes, Kellyn Brown with The Flathead Beacon, I’m partially referring to you), People magazine’s has a blog post up that may spark your interest.  The blog post is written by the bachelor from ABC’s reality show The Bachelor discussing his time in Montana. 

Here’s an excerpt:

Whitefish, Mont., is one of the coolest towns I have ever visited. The mountains, trees and rivers made this the perfect destination for romance.

I’m not too familiar with all the personalities on the show, but I’d have to say this gal gets bonus points for being the daughter of a service member:

On Lindsay (bachelorette in the show): She opened up about her dad being away while serving in Iraq and the fear that came with that. She also told me of her mother’s strength and how she held the family together during his absence.

And here’s the shocker from the bachelor that oughta rock the entertainment community:

I left Montana really down on this whole experience. It was the first time I really grew concerned that my potential wife was not amongst this group of women and that I had wasted everyone’s time, including my own.

Free trip to Whitefish, Glacier National Park, and a stay at The Whitefish Lake Lodge….never a waste of time.

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