Liberal Blogs’ Advice to Daines: Take Junket

Aaron Flint posted on December 13, 2012 14:27 :: 936 Views

I know.  I probably should have filed this one in the political entertainment section of today’s blog posts, but here it goes anyway. 

The liberal bloggers in Helena apparently have some advice for newly elected businessman and congressman Steve Daines (R-MT): take a junket to Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Apparently Daines is not taking the junket, and they aren’t taking it too kindly.  

the Institute of Politics at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University hosts a three-day workshop every two years. All the newly elected members of Congress are invited to get a crash course in economics, diplomacy, and the legislative process from some of the world’s experts.

Harvard also released the names of the attendees. Notably absent from the list: Steve Daines. It remains to be seen whether Daines will follow in Rehberg’s do-nothing footsteps, but he’s off to a good start.

No word on whether Sen. Jon Tester or Max Baucus have taken the training, and frankly no need to call and check (with all due respect to what I imagine is a fine training program at Harvard).

Another Harvard grad, who currently serves as chairman of the Montana Public Service Commission had this to say:

Travis Kavulla (R-Great Falls): “I think I actually sat in the audience for one of these sessions once upon a time and it was all sort of ho-hum. Pretty basic, and anyone who’s a regular Wall Street Journal reader – as I know Steve Daines to be – really doesn’t need to be given a “basics” course.”

What did Daines have the audacity to do instead this week?  According to KRTV in Great Falls:

Steve Daines, the newly-elected Montana member of the U.S. House of Representatives, visited Great Falls on Tuesday to talk with county commissioners and Montana legislators.

Daines, a Republican, wanted perspective on what Montanans expect to see during his first term in D.C.

In other congressional news, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) wants to be home for Christmas, while Sen. John Thune (R-SD) says he’s already cancelled Christmas plans to get the job done.

Fox News:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has expressed hope for a deal before Christmas. And she made clear Wednesday that lawmakers should be home instead of on Capitol Hill by then.

“Faith and family, that’s what the holidays are about,” the California Democrat said during a news conference. “These are bonding opportunities for families and strengtheners for our families. We should home for that.”

From Politico Playbook:

–“Fiscal Grinch: Can it stop Christmas from coming?” by Kate Nocera : “It’s become somewhat of a Grinchy holiday tradition in Washington: Make sure the flights are refundable, get the shopping done early and be ready to stay in town … [M]embers of Congress are rearranging their travel schedules … Majority Leader Eric Cantor told Republican lawmakers to expect to stay in town through Christmas Eve and be ready to return immediately after Christmas Day. … ‘[M]y family wanted to do something this year around the holidays, and we just kind of said no,’ [Sen. John] Thune said of his travel plans … The last time there was a Christmas Eve vote was just in 2009, when the Senate convened at 7 a.m. to pass … Obamacare. …

And finally, here’s why you should be on Twitter:

Costas:  Ban TV’s in homes RT @KXLH: Tipping televisions kill record number of U.S. kids, government warns #mtnews

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