1,200 New Coal Plants Planned Across Globe

Aaron Flint posted on November 20, 2012 14:50 :: 547 Views

As our country continues to choose economic decline and force the closure of coal plants in the US, 1,200 are potentially in the works across the globe, according to a new study. 

The Washington Post has this:

Across the globe, there are at least 1,199 coal plants now on the drawing board, according to a new report from the World Resources Institute.

Many of these proposed new plants are in China and India, which account for 76 percent of proposed capacity. Turkey and Russia also have big plans. And a growing number of coal plants are being proposed for developing countries such as Cambodia, Guatemala and Uzbekistan, nations that are looking to cut-rate sources of energy to fuel economic growth.

As for the US?  Only 36 are listed, but don’t expect most, if any, of those to come online. 

Plus, would you consider blaming bad intel?  Politico’s Morning Energy noted this new report from Greenwire:

CIA DROPS CLIMATE CENTER: The CIA has quietly shut down its relatively nascent climate change center following budget cuts and criticism from congressional Republicans, Greenwire writes. “The center was designed as a small unit of senior specialists focused on the impact that environmental changes could have on political, economic and social factors in countries of concern to the United States. The analysts probed questions such as, under what scenarios might a massive drought cause large-scale migration, and when might a government’s failure to respond to a devastating flood open the door for terrorist groups to win over the local populace?” Greenwire: http://bit.ly/T7DNux 

 At least they didn’t blame Benghazi on climate change…

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