Hill Tops Bullock in MSU-B Poll

Aaron Flint posted on October 10, 2012 11:09 :: 1474 Views

Republican Rick Hill tops Democrat Steve Bullock in the race for Montana Governor.  Meanwhile, Republican Steve Daines leads Democrat Kim Gillan in the race for Montana’s sole US House seat.  This, according to the latest results of the MSU-Billings political poll announced Wednesday morning.  

Full poll results, including the Presidential race between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, can be viewed by clicking here

The raw numbers for the Governor’s race and the US House race can be viewed below.  Both races show a significant number of undecided voters, however Hill leads Bullock 40% to 38%, while Daines leads Gillan by roughly 36% to 23%- again with a lot of undecideds in the race. 

Results for Montana’s attention-grabbing US Senate race will come out Thursday as MSU-Billings announces their day two results.

The “MSU Billings Poll” began in 1989. This is the twenty-fourth year the survey has been conducted and during this time twenty-six surveys have been completed. The Co-Directors of the Poll are Dr. Craig Wilson (Political Science),Dr. Scott Rickard (Director of the Center for Applied Economic Research) and Ms. Jennifer Pope (Sociology). 

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