VIDEO: Montana Full of Racists?

Aaron Flint posted on August 09, 2012 17:08 :: 1062 Views

Heads up, guys: Montana is full of racists. At least, that’s what the state’s governor, Brian Schweitzer, said in a speech to Ohio Democrats as he explained his decision to make Montana schoolchildren study American-Indian history as well as U.S. history.

That’s how National Review summed up news of the Governor’s remarks to Ohio Democrats, as first reported by The Montana Watchdog’s Dustin Hurst. 

Fox News is also covering the dustup, offering this clarification from the Governor’s office:

The governor’s comments bring to mind remarks from the late Pennsylvania Rep. John Murtha. Murtha took heat for telling a local newspaper “there’s no question Western Pennsylvania is a racist area.”

Schweitzer’s office clarified his comments saying in a statement to Fox News, “There are cultural dynamics that exist in many parts of our state and there are stereotypes that are perpetuated about our first Montanans that are unfair and untrue. Governor Schweitzer believes that we all have a lot to gain from learning about each other’s cultures, traditions and histories. History has shown this time-and-time again.”

Liberal blogger Don Pogreba disputed the original report and says the governor didn’t call Montanans a bunch of racists.  After the initial report, the video had been pulled from the blog which first posted the Governor’s remarks.   Pogreba found another clip on YouTube and shared the full video on his blog, Intelligent Discontent.

Did the Governor call Montanans a bunch of racists?  Here’s a link to video of the Gov’s remarks.  If you click this link, it will take you right to the start of his comments on race in Montana so that you can judge for yourself.  

Full video of the Governor’s speech can be seen by clicking below.

Even if we’re not a bunch of racists, don’t go doing backflips or anthing.  As it turns out, we are a bunch of homophobes here in Montana.  Oh wait- it sounds like this kid was making the whole thing up

The Missoulian had this:

A man who reported to police that he was beaten outside the Missoula Club early Sunday morning because he was gay has been cited for making a false report to law enforcement.

News of Baken’s original report, along with a photo of his badly bruised face, circulated widely on the Internet Sunday and Monday, prompting outrage at what hundreds of people saw as gay-bashing.

But on Tuesday, Missoula police received a video that showed Baken trying to do a backflip off a curb on North Higgins Avenue at about 2:30 a.m. Sunday and striking his face on the sidewalk, Brodie’s statement said. 

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