Peyton Manning’s Montana Understudy

Aaron Flint posted on August 08, 2012 14:46 :: 815 Views

Dillon Tabish has a piece profiling the Flathead’s Brock Osweiler, playing quarterback for the Denver Broncos under NFL great Peyton Manning.  Of course, the question many are asking is whether or not Manning will face a season-ending injury early on in the season, leaving the ball in the hands of Osweiler or another backup quarterback.   

Whether that happens, and Osweiler is named backup QB seems to be up in the air.  However, one thing is clear- this Montana kid has the opportunity to train under two of the greatest quarterbacks of all time with Peyton Manning and John Elway.   

Here’s an excerpt from Tabish’s piece:

All eyes are on Peyton Manning, especially rookie Brock Osweiler’s.

The Denver Broncos’ other new quarterback is a 6-foot-8 passing project who’s the first signal-caller ever drafted with the intention of one day succeeding Manning.

Osweiler, who bears a striking resemblance to “Twilight” actor Robert Pattinson, wants to look more like Manning. So, he’s taking advantage of his apprenticeship by asking lots of questions, scribbling copious notes and emulating the four-time MVP on the field and in the weight room.

What an opportunity for Osweiler and Montana. 

Although, I’d imagine he’s getting a hard time for the Twilight reference.  Of course, the only reason I know who “R-Patt” (or do they spell it R-Pattz?) is, is because of this hilarious Will Ferrell Clip that someone showed me recently:

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