Jonny, Meet the Twins

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A new ad from the Rehberg campaign features twins from Montana who say Jon Tester and Barack Obama may as well be twins.  Plus, a must-read article by Dave Skinner shows another angle to the latest purchase by the American Prairie Foundation.  Finally, the quote of the night from Mitt Romney’s speech and much more. 

Jonny, Meet the Twins

Flathead Beacon: Rehberg Lead Signer on Jesus Statue Amicus Brief

Republican Congressman Denny Rehberg was the lead signer today on an amicus brief filed on behalf of the Jesus statue at Whitefish Mountain Resort. The brief was filed by the American Center for Law and Justice in support of preserving the statue, which has sat on a small parcel of U.S. Forest Service land within the boundaries of the resort since the 1950s.

Beginning with the Forest Service’s decision last August not to renew the statue’s special-use permit, the statue has been the source of public outcry and controversy, both locally and nationwide. A group from Wisconsin sued to have the statue removed after the Forest Service withdrew its initial decision and decided to reauthorize the permit.

 Dave Skinner’s must-read column on the latest land purchase in Eastern Montana by the American Prairie Foundation is also in The Flathead Beacon. Here’s an excerpt:

First, APF pays no income taxes, even if profitable – and APF is supported by wealthy “benefactors.” More important, APF’s wealthy “benefactors” get a big “charitable” tax break on their donations as well. Every dollar given to APF is effectively worth 35 percent more than if the same dollar went to buy a privately held ranch. There’s no way any private, “real” rancher could match the money APF can afford to offer.

As for the idea that APF’s “private” project will stay private, email records demanded by Congress from the Department of Interior a couple of years ago show otherwise. A World Wildlife Fund staffer seeking Land and Water Conservation Fund priority status wrote that funding a 3.5-million-acre reserve “could range from $30M to $300M [million].” In short, APF hoped to “flip” its holdings to the federal government for a park the instant the funds become available – and probably still does. They can probably afford to wait, as long as it takes.

Montana Watchdog: Steve Bullock Bemoans Corporate Cash, Rakes it In

Attorney General Steve Bullock wants voters to believe he’s a noble crusader fighting corporate interests that influence Montana elections.

Except he’s not.

Several out-of-state corporate Super PACs — notably those of Georgia-based construction retailer Home Depot, multinational conglomerate 3M of Minnesota and Amgen, a drug-maker rooted in Thousand Oaks, Calif. — have donated to the Bullock campaign in the past year.

An excerpt from Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Hill’s latest mailer:

I’m optimistic about our prospects to increase natural resource production in Montana.  I see potential to stand up to the federal government in order to revitalize our timber industry.  And I know we can improve our education system to prepare our kids for the modern, global economy.  These are the ways that we will create new and better jobs.

Unfortunately, not everyone agrees with my vision for Montana—chief among them my opponent. 

RNC 2012 and Mitt Romney’s Quote of the Speech:

Mitt Romney: “President Obama promised to begin to slow the rise of the oceans… And to heal the planet… My promise is to help you and your family.”

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