Bullock and Gov Differ on Pensions

Aaron Flint posted on August 21, 2012 13:42 :: 918 Views

One aspect of this Fall’s gubernatorial campaign in Montana that strikes me, is the differences between Democratic gubernatorial candidate Steve Bullock and popular incumbent Governor Brian Schweitzer (D-MT). 

When it comes to concern over Obamacare’s impact on the State of Montana’s budget- Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Hill and Gov. Schweitzer seem to have something in common.  In fact, Gov. Schweitzer said it could bankrupt the state of Montana.  Hill is clearly opposed to Obamacare. 

When it comes to developing the state’s coal resources, the former Congressman Hill was instrumental in getting the initial Otter Creek Coal Tract deal done in the first place.  While Gov. Schweitzer voted in support of developing the Otter Creek Coal Tracts, Steve Bullock joined the minority and voted against developing the coal resources- turning down over $75 million in revenue for the state budget. 

Now, it appears that Congressman Hill and Governor Schweitzer also share the same concern when it comes to the $3 billion pension debt facing the State of Montana, while Bullock doesn’t seem all that worried.

MTPR’s Dan Boyce has this:

Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Steve Bullock does not speak about pensions with the same urgency as his predecessor or his opponent.

“We’re in a better position than a lot of other states,” Bullock said. “So the answer isn’t to panic, but it’s to methodically work on it and make sure it’s actuarially funded.”

Although, Bullock does say the next legislature should address the issue.

Given the Governor’s approval ratings, you would think Bullock would do a better job of at least attempting to look like the heir-apparent. All that is apparent right now is that Bullock is decidedly to the left of Governor Schweitzer.

Click here to read the full report.  You can also listen to the report below.

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