UPDATE: Activist Roughs Up Congressman’s Wife

Aaron Flint posted on June 18, 2012 11:27 :: 2363 Views

UPDATED June 19, 2012

The Daily Caller, a conservative website, now has a post referencing the incident in Big Sky, Montana over the weekend. 

Click here to read the entire article.  Here’s an excerpt:

According to a Rehberg campaign staffer who witnessed the altercation, a female Tester supporter in her late thirties attempted to push her way into a group that included the congressman, who was entertaining questions from reporters, and his wife, daughter Katie and staff.

After exchanging words with Jan Rehberg, she began hitting the candidate’s wife with a rolled up Tester sign.

Managing partner of the Buck T-4, David O’Connor, attended the event and threw the alleged sign-wielding woman, whom he identified as a local environmental activist, off the premises an hour later along with two of her cohorts — who he said were heckling Rehberg during the event.

ORIGINAL POST June 18, 2012

While the mainstream media and the liberal blogosphere is having a hay day over a satirical prop at the Montana Republican Party convention over the weekend, here’s a story you may not have heard much about.

As NBC Montana reports, the wife of Montana Congressman Denny Rehberg (R) was roughed up by a Democratic activist following the US Senate race debate on Saturday.   

Buried at the bottom of NBC’s debate wrapup was this:

After the debate, a handful of witnesses tell us they saw an altercation between Mrs. Rehberg and an attendee, in which the attendee pushed Mrs. Rehberg. Rehberg’s campaign confirmed the incident and say the Rehbergs left immediately afterwards.

In addition to the Congressman’s wife, one of Rehberg’s daughters was also with Jan Rehberg when the incident occurred.  

Here’s more coverage from the debate, as reported by The Montana Watchdog:

The Republican congressman made job creation and recovery the theme of Saturday’s debate at the 127th annual convention of the Montana Newspaper Assoociation, and slammed Tester for supporting Democratic policies that enlarged the national debt and enabled out-of-control spending.

Tester countered early and often, saying his Senate votes helped those who need affordable health care coverage and supported care of veterans.

Lee Newspapers’ Mike Dennison had this:

On federal health care reform, Rehberg ripped into “ObamaCare” as an expensive government overreach that is not controlling health care costs, and offered his solutions of tort reform and allowing businesses to form insurance cooperatives across state lines.

Tester, who voted for the law, called the law a step in the right direction, and said Rehberg’s statements about “government-run” health care are simply wrong, noting that the law relies heavily on private health insurance.

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