AFP Called “Treasonous Bastards” at Union Convention

Aaron Flint posted on June 22, 2012 15:06 :: 1490 Views

Unfortunately, I am not at the Montana AFL-CIO’s convention in Great Falls today.  That would have made a great location for a live statewide talk show.

Looks like I am missing quite the show, judging by the Tweet below, from the AFL-CIO. (I did not mean for that to rhyme.)

“Treasonous bastards.”  Quite the lesson in civility.  

The AFL-CIO convention will feature speeches from top Democrats in the state.  Also on Saturday, attendees will get to watch a “Meet Mr. 1% video presentation.”

Meanwhile, the 99%-ers continued their anti-coal, anti-railroad campaign. As Breitbart shares, Occupy protesters were dumping 500 pounds of coal in front of the Bank of America headquarters.  Click below to watch. 

The “treasonous bastards” remark at the AFL CIO convention in Great Falls comes, of course, as Americans for Prosperity (AFP) just spent the week launching a statewide “Tester Truth Tour” bus tour in Montana.  They also spent $400,000 in a statewide ad buy criticizing the senator.   

CNN had this:

In Montana, they focus on Democratic Senator Jon Tester.

“These ads are demonstrating the fact that there is very little daylight between some big-government supporting senators and President Obama,” Russell said. “Locals are often surprised and disappointed to learn that their senator has adopted the Obama agenda, rather than doing what’s best for their home state.”

The Billings Gazette also featured AFP’s new Director in Montana, former State Senator Joe Balyeat (R-Bozeman).  Click here to read that piece.

Click below to watch a video from the “Tester Truth Tour” rally in Bozeman.

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