VIDEO: Rehberg Pulling No Punches

Congressman Denny Rehberg (R-MT) is pulling no punches against Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT) in his first TV ad of the cycle.   

According to Rehberg campaign spokesman Chris Bond, “It’s a statewide buy that will let every Montanan know that Tester voted for higher taxes, to raise his own pay, to give taxpayer-funded bonuses to Wall Street executives, and that he voted with President Obama 95 percent of the time in Washington.”

Click below to watch the ad.

Meanwhile, The Weekly Standard, a conservative magazine, points to Tester’s latest ad, adding this: 

Among the testimonials is one from former congressman Pat Williams. “He’s cracked down on lobbyists, refused their trips” Williams says.

Tester won election in 2006 partly on the promise he would clean up the K Street lobbyist culture that consumed his Republican opponent, Conrad Burns. But according to a Washington Free Beacon report last month, Tester is the Senate’s number one recipient of campaign funds from lobbyists.

Click below to watch Tester’s latest ad.

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