Great Column on Bakken Oil Development

The blog post of the week goes to Gregg Smith at Montana’s Electric City Weblog.  Smith linked to the news article referencing a federal lawsuit against Three Cups of Tea author Greg Mortenson, which was filed by at least two Democratic state legislators in Montana. 

Atfer their lawsuit was thrown out by a federal judge, Smith asks:

Perhaps Plaintiffs’ counsel could take a run at President Obama, instead?

That comment obviously in reference to the now-reported inaccuracies in Barack Obama’s own book.  

Meanwhile, this week’s must-read news article goes to The National Review.  In a piece focused on the oil development in North Dakota, Jay Nordlinger points out that the development didn’t happen due to the presence of oil alone.  Plus, one North Dakotan points out how North Dakota used to be the butt of jokes, then added,  “Now it’s kind of cool to be from North Dakota, where all the action is.”

Click here to read the full piece, it is well worth your time. Here’s more from Nordlinger.

Scott Hennen, a radio host based in Fargo, describes Schafer as “the Ronald Reagan of North Dakota.” In the early ’90s, North Dakota was flat on its back, without growth or opportunity. Morale was very low. What Schafer did, in a nutshell, was reform government and make North Dakota business-friendly.

He remembers when Harold Hamm came to visit him in the spring of 1993. Hamm, an Oklahoma oilman who ran Continental Resources, and still does, told him about horizontal drilling. Some in the industry thought horizontal drilling was a pipedream (so to speak). But Hamm thought he had something, and the Schafer government crafted policies to help Hamm and other oilmen see what they could do. They did well.

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