Gay Actor Proposes to Obama on CNN

Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson was so happy with President Obama’s support for same sex marriage, the Missoula born actor proposed to President Obama live on CNN.  Ferguson plays a gay man on the tv show, and is gay in real life. (h/t America’s Morning News host John McCaslin, also a Montana native) 

Click below for the video:

Gay rights groups were quick to praise President Obama for his “courage” in coming out in support.  But just how “courageous” was the president in his announcement?

The Daily Caller, a conservative website, says the president’s announcement is nothing more than an act of cowardice, adding this:

An act of courage would have been him coming out in support of same-sex marriage in 2004 when he ran for the U.S. Senate or gave the keynote address at the Democratic National Convention…An act of courage would have been him coming out in support of same-sex marriage in 2007 when he gave his acceptance speech after he won his party’s presidential nomination. It would even have been slightly more courageous if he had come out in support of same-sex marriage last week, before North Carolina voted on its amendment to ban same-sex marriage, because he may have actually made a difference.

The issue is that the president of the United States is playing petty politics. Barack Obama supported gay marriage in 1996, opposed it in 2004, opposed it in 2008, and now supports it in 2012.

“Jeff Laszloffy, CEO of the Montana Family Foundation and a staunch opponent of same-sex marriage, called Obama’s remark a ‘flip-flop’ from his earlier position on the issue,” as The Great Falls Tribune reports.

“The president has been forced into a political box in an election year by wealthy gay and lesbian supporters of his campaign,” Laszloffy said.

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