Bozeman Grad Eyes Gifford’s Seat

“Who are you supporting for President in November?”

That question posed by United States Marine Corps combat veteran Jesse Kelly to his opponent for the US Congress is generating national headlines.  This, after his Democratic opponent refused to answer the question in a debate due to President Obama’s declining popularity.  

Kelly, a Bozeman, Montana high school graduate, is running for Congress as a Republican in Arizona, seeking the seat of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ).  He faces a June 12th runoff election. did a lengthy profile of Kelly and his Congressional run, with a heavy emphasis on his Montana ties. 

Here’s an excerpt:

In 1975, nearly 70% of Capitol seats were held by veterans of World War II and Korea. Today, the Congress has the fewest Veterans in its history.  Just 20% of those on Capitol Hill today have served in the military (25 in the Senate and 90 in the house), and even fewer are combat veterans.

Out in the American West, beyond the great divide, a young Generation V candidate named Jesse Kelly has ridden onto the political scene to stand up for a new generation. This generation is suffering from the effects of liberties lost to an ever-expanding government, but is one which is now awakened and showing an increasing unwillingness to relinquish those God given rights.

Thirty-year-old Jesse Kelly of Tucson, Arizona, is among those who see it, get it, and he is ready to lead in the charge in the June 12th’s Special Election in Arizona’s Eighth Congressional District, to finish the Gabrielle Giffords term. In the fall, Kelly will run for Congress in Arizona’s newly created Second Congressional District. Kelly recently told Breitbart News, “I can’t sit idly by and complain while my community and my country suffer. The time is now. I am committed and this is my calling at this point in my life. It is not a career I aspire to; it is not a life-long dream. It is simply my way to give back and try to fix it before it is too late.”

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