VIDEO: Gov Schweitzer Plays Kindergarten Cop

Aaron Flint posted on July 13, 2011 00:01 :: 12125 Views

Had to add this for my “Tweet of the Day”


Okay, my Internet connection is really slow right now, so I unfortunately cannot watch this entire video.  But, after watching the first minute and a half, it looks like Gov. Brian Schweitzer (D-MT) was forced to assume the role of Kindergarten Cop.  (Instead of “boys have a…and girls have a…”- I’m assuming he had to say “okay- the vehicles you drove over here in use oil…and we’d rather that came from Canada than Saudi Arabia.”)

Nonetheless, the enviros descended on Montana’s Capitol, and stomped on your taxpayer funded conference tables.  It was all part of an effort to convince Gov. Brian Schweitzer (D-MT) to oppose the pipeline that would ship Canadian oil into the United States.   

John Adams posted this video on his MTLowdown Blog, and added this note:

“Warning: there is some harsh language that may  not suitable for all viewers.”

That isn’t comedy enough?  Okay, check out this audio from Montana Public Radio’s Emilie Ritter. 

You can also watch this video from Lee Newspapers:


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