US House Rejects Reporting of Rifle Sales

“A House committee voted Wednesday to defund enforcement of semi-automatic rifle sales reporting,” as UPI reports.

Here’s more:

“For more than a decade, efforts to track rifle purchases and create a national gun registry have failed to gain support in Congress, so the ATF is working to implement these regulations using rules written by unelected bureaucrats,” Rehberg told The Hill.

Rep Jim Moran (D-VA), meanwhile, criticized Rehberg in the piece, calling it a “gift to the National Rifle Association.”

And, when it comes to guns in Montana, Montana Shooting Sports Association (MSSA) President Gary Marbut has practically become a household name. 

He’s now profiled in the liberal leaning High Country NewsThe piece was written by University of Montana Journalism students. 

Here’s an excerpt:

Marbut, who grew up on a 5,000-acre cattle ranch outside of Missoula, lived in Alaska for 10 years. There he taught emergency medicine and was an emergency medical coordinator for rural areas outside Fairbanks. His teaching experience “morphed into” his work for gun rights, he says, since that work is also about “how to teach people to enforce their choice not to be victims.”

Marbut’s idea that states can avoid federal arms regulations has caught on: Legislatures in seven other states, mostly in the West — Alaska, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Arizona, South Dakota and Tennessee — have followed Montana’s lead by passing their own versions of a Firearms Freedom Act, in effect mounting a fundamental challenge to federal authority. At least 20 other states have tried unsuccessfully to pass similar laws.

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