The Big Spill: Garter Snake Receives Treatment

Aaron Flint posted on July 08, 2011 08:59 :: 1479 Views

Stop the presses.   Book the satellite truck.  Call MSNBC for a lengthy, factless tirade.  We have a garter snake down in Big Sky Country.  I say again, we have a garter snake down.  

That is no joke folks.  The large, corporate, multinational environmental groups must be fuming mad, as they are left with a garter snake to lead their cause.  

In case you missed it, KTVQ-TV’s David Jay has this

Montana US Senator Jon Tester met with personnel from ExxonMobil and the Environmental Protection Agency Thursday evening, to learn the latest about the oil spill in the Yellowstone River.  He heard about cleanup and so far, just a garter snake needed treatment for exposure to the oil.

The senator then reportedly screamed, yelled “eeewwww,” and jumped on top of a chair. (sarcasm folks)

Meanwhile, as Gov. Brian Schweitzer (D-MT) is garnering national attention for his tough talk against Exxon Mobil, The Billings Gazette reports that Senator Jon Tester (D-MT)  feels Exxon has acted “in good faith” so far. 

Here’s more:

Steven Merritt, the Environmental Protection Agency’s on-scene coordinator, told Tester that he’s hopeful the impacts will be minimal farther downstream because they haven’t seen “a lot of free-product oil moving downstream.”

Leith Edgar, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service spokesman, said the impact on wildlife in the long term is uncertain but that his office has seen minimal amounts of wildlife affected so far.

“The high rate of flow is probably a blessing for the fish (in the river),” Edgar said.

Thankfully, no badass honey badgers have been hurt in the oil spill either.  No oil spotted in North Dakota either, as the AP reports.   

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