VIDEO: Strohmaier’s US House Announcement

Aaron Flint posted on June 22, 2011 09:03 :: 1370 Views

KULR8-TV notes the entry of State Sen. Kim Gillan (D-Billings) into Montana’s lone US House race, and details a crowded Democratic primary in the race for US House with this synopsis on Missoula City Councilman Dave Strohmaier:

Also in the race, Democrat Dave Strohmaier has served two terms as a Missoula city councilman and is most known for supporting a city-wide cell phone ban.

“We’ve got to look way into the future, and for me that boils down to one concept of my campaign and that is stewardship. Stewardship of the land that we depend on here in this state, rich agriculture lands, beautiful places to live and raise families,” said Strohmaier.

Meanwhile, The Missoulian addresses the elephant in the room– the concern over the ability of a Missoula Democrat to win statewide.

Wearing tan working-man’s Carhartt pants, a crisp blue button-down shirt, and brown felt hat, Strohmaier said he hopes his candidacy will help unite Montanans toward a common good; and he rejected any notion that being a Democrat from Missoula might stand as a challenge in his bid for the statewide office.

“Last I checked, Missoula is in the state of Montana, and we’ve done some great things in this community that I think reflect the values and priorities of people all around this state,” he said. “We are all one Montana. Whether you’re east or west of the continental divide, in a city or in the country, we have to see ourselves as one Montana who are interdependent economically and socially. When we recognize that, we should be able to break down some of the traditional borders of ‘me versus you, us versus them.’ So my focus is taking that message state-wide and, beyond that, simply being authentic.

VIDEO of Campaign Speech: (h/t 4&20 Blackbirds)

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