VIDEO: Fallen MT Pilot Remembered in Canada

Aaron Flint posted on June 24, 2011 14:03 :: 1076 Views

This week’s “must-read” comes to us from The Calgary Herald, detailing the efforts of one Alberta, Canada rancher to keep the story of a fallen Montana military pilot alive.  

If you do nothing else today, watch the below video clip.  This incredible story is a reminder that the members of our military and their families sacrifice for their country not only during times of war, but during times of peace.  (For full disclosure- I am a member of the National Guard, but I found this story through my normal daily news gathering.  Call me biased- but I think this remembrance of Lt. Denning and his family’s sacrifice needs to be shared far and wide.)  

Click below to watch video from The Herald, here’s an excerpt of the story: 

“I had some feelings coming up the hill that kind of overwhelmed me, to know that we were going to a site where an American pilot was killed,” says Brig.-Gen. Brad Livingston, commander of the Montana Air National Guard.

In 1977, Livingston was 22 years old, just embarking on his military career, when he met Dave Denning.

“He was a very personable individual, somebody that you would want to be a friend with,” Livingston recalls.

Twenty-four hours later, Denning died in the crash.

Click here to read the full article.

Click below to watch interviews:

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