Tester Quizzed on National Debt

Aaron Flint posted on June 14, 2011 11:23 :: 1043 Views

Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) was quizzed by his campaign chaser over the national debt, while his friends in the banking industry are now apparently looking to the courts for relief following the failure of Tester’s amendment to block the limit on debit card swipe fees.  

First, while I normally don’t see these type of chaser videos as very newsworthy, here’s what I find interesting:  Senator Tester used this tactic against Conrad Burns in the 2006 Senate race, and yet still apparently doesn’t hold the ability to effectively deal with a chaser.   (Given his history of using the tactic against his opponents, folks should also be less likely to hold any sympathy for Senator Tester when the tactic is used against him.)

Here’s the video from Treasure State Politics as Senator Tester is heading to an event in what looks like DC’s Union Station.  The Senator ends up walking in circles towards an empty corner before his handler finally points him in the right direction and tells the cameraman “this is a private event.” 

Plus, after Senator Tester’s amendment to block the limit on debit card swipe fees failed, his buddies in the banking industry are now looking to the courts for relief.

The Credit Union Times (an industry publication) has this:

With the hope for a legislative remedy thwarted, credit unions and banks are looking to the courts for relief.

TCF Bank is challenging the legality of Fed’s rule and its lawsuit is pending in federal court. Both CUNA and NAFCU have joined friend-of-the-court briefs on behalf of the Minnesota-based bank.

The lawsuit hasn’t gone to trial yet, but so far a federal judge has rejected both the bank’s request to stop the Fed’s implementation of the amendment and has rejected the government’s request to dismiss the lawsuit.

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