City Council: Bad Water? Buy Rust Colored Linen

Aaron Flint posted on June 29, 2011 08:38 :: 3076 Views

As I have been hearing on the radio all morning, President Obama is already under fire for his lecture to manufacturers in Iowa where he told them to just “up your game.”  David Budge at The Electric City Weblog out of Great Falls, MT promptly responded.  “Up yours.”

Here’s video of the remarks courtesy CSPAN and Breitbart TV.

Meanwhile,if you’re dealing with bad water in Havre, Montana- maybe you just need to up your game.  That appears to be the message from the Havre City Council to one business owner complaining over the brown water pouring from the taps, as The Havre Daily Corrector points out

The owner of The Great Northern Inn complained that the city’s bad water ruined thousands of dollars worth of sheets.  The response from one city council member?  Buy rust colored linens. Seriously.

The Havre Daily News has this:

Toward the end of Monday night’s Havre City Council meeting, council member Andrew Brekke showed the council a set of sheets and towels he had gotten from the hotel staff that used to be white but now held orange stripes.

William Dritshulas, owner of the Inn, was not impressed with the council’s response.

“Gerry Veis laughed and said just put in rust-colored towels, ” Dritshulas said. “Isn’t that an intelligent thing for a council member to say? They don’t care about the water problem. They’re not sympathetic. ”

The Havre Daily Corrector adds this:

Pour yourself a glass of water and it even looks brown with some days being worse than others. The city mucky-mucks when fielding complaints of course say that no matter how it looks it is indeed safe to drink.

I have been drinking only Culligan water and if I step out to eat I order tea or coffee because the appearance is about the same as this “clean” water. Why did we spend millions on the super-duper water treatment plant if no one knows how to treat the water?

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