Baucus Wedding Confirmed

Aaron Flint posted on June 30, 2011 19:23 :: 1505 Views

Well, for those of you who listen to our statewide radio talk show “Voices of Montana,” you can say you heard it first on your local radio station (much earlier this week)-that Senator Max Baucus is getting married this weekend, and Vice President Joe Biden is expected to attend.  Of course, at that time I made the announcement over the radio I made it clear that these details were merely the “word on the street” which could not yet be confirmed.  Now we have the confirmation.   

Statement from Baucus’ spokeswoman Kate Downen:

“Max and Melodee are looking forward to celebrating their special day with close friends and family at the Sieben Ranch outside Helena this weekend. They feel blessed to start their new life together under the Big Sky in a place so close to their hearts.”

Just after checking my email and noticing this statement (from the lovely Wheat Montana parking lot in Missoula where I am updating my blog), I checked Twitter and saw this from Lee Newspapers’ Mike Dennison.


And, oh yeah, while we’re there- follow John Adams’ Montana Capitol Reporters list on Twitter if you haven’t already.

I know a lot of folks will still make hay over the fact that Baucus nominated his soon to be wife for the US Attorney nomination, but I think we can all collectively put politics aside for this weekend and wish the best for the obviously happy couple.  (And, as I said on the radio the other day: I’d love to buy the Biden Group members in attendance a beer.  Shoot me a note if you make it to Missoula or Seeley Lake.) 

 Now I must leave my temporary blogging outpost of the Wheat Montana parking lot in Missoula.  I wish I was a better kayaker- they got some pro’s in town. 

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