Lake’s Rise Could Displace 500K Canadian Cattle

Melville, MT rancher Bill Donald, the President of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA), will soon be travelling to Saskatchewan, Canada to meet with the Saskatchewan Stockgrowers. 

Donald joined me Friday morning as our guest on “Voices of Montana” where we discussed a number of issues from the APEC Summit, corn prices, ethanol subsidies, the GIPSA rule, the beef checkoff program, and South American trade agreements.  

As Montana has already been witnessing flooding in scattered portions of the state, Donald says flooding is also a concern across the border in Canada. In fact, based off of his discussions with his Canadian counterparts, Lake Winnipeg is expected to rise 20 feet. But given the flat terrain, that 20 foot rise can cover a large area. The end result- 500,000 head of cattle will be displaced, forcing Canadian ranchers to either slaughter or re-locate their herds.  

That’s 500,000 head of cattle displaced, out of Canada’s total 3.5 million head.

Click below to listen to more from NCBA President Bill Donald.

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