From the Absurd…to the Viral

Here’s a taste of the most absurd stories of the week, and what could be the most viral story of the week. 

First, the absurd, as the AP reports:

Montana Supreme Court orders state to respond to children’s climate change lawsuit

Tuesday’s order gives the state 20 days to respond to the petition, which seeks to designate the atmosphere as a “public trust” that must be protected.

Attorneys behind the petition say they are seeking to establish a legal basis for the state to impose tighter restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions. Scientists say those emissions, primarily from fossil fuels, are driving up global temperatures.

Maybe someone should teach these kids how the process works.  The legislative session just wrapped up.  That’s when you propose new laws, not through the Montana Supreme Court. 

And, now, on to what could be the most viral story of the week: a herpes virus outbreak in horses. has this

Wyoming’s State Veterinarian, Dr. Jim Logan, encourages all horse owners and veterinarians to be aware of the significance of an Equine Herpes Virus One (EHV-1) outbreak in several western states.  EHV-1 has been isolated from several horses that attended the National Cutting Horse Association’s Western National Championships event in Ogden, UT April 29 – May 8, 2011.

Equine owners are advised to be vigilant about their animal’s health and to be careful about exposure risks potentially posed by equine events.  Veterinarians are reminded that EHV1 is a reportable disease in Wyoming.

Montana’s veterinarian issued a similar release.

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