Eight Out of 10 UM Seniors Jobless

Attention jobless college graduates: you may want to head to Eastern Montana if you’re looking for work.  More on that in a minute, but first- did you see this headline?  Eight out of 10 University of Montana students asked by a Missoulian reporter do not have jobs waiting for them in their chosen field.  

Jenna Cederberg has this: 

Approach a graduating senior on the University of Montana campus and ask one simple question: Do you have a job in your field lined up after graduation? The sighs, “I wishes” and furrowed brows are most often followed by a simple answer: No.

Out of 10 graduating seniors surveyed, one had a full-time job secured within their field of study after graduation in May. Two were set to go on to graduate school, something they both said they’d planned on doing regardless of the economic climate.

Cederberg also reported that one student, who minors in climate change studies, so far hasn’t found a job in her field of study. The down economy prompted her to take the leap back into school, she told Cederberg.

Well, attention graduates looking for a job: you may want to move to Sidney, Montana. 

In case you missed it, Jay Kohn had this in a Bakken Oil Boom series report for KTVQ-TV:

“Do you have a clean driving record, can you pass a drug test,” asks Atkins. “There”s no reason you can’t make $100-thousand dollars a year. Great opportunities for young people,” said Atkins.

Last year the Montana Oil and Gas Board issued 329 drilling permits in the state. Officials say they’re on pace to equal that or exceed it this year.

As of Thursday, ten oil rigs were drilling in Montana, while across the boarder 161 rigs were operating in North Dakota.

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