Bullock May Be In After the Session

Aaron Flint posted on April 12, 2011 23:43 :: 1185 Views

Montana’s Democratic Attorney General Steve Bullock may announce a run for Governor following Montana’s Legislative Session, as a liberal column, The Fix, notes in The Washington Post

Montana (D): Democrats are still waiting on Attorney General Steve Bullock to get in this race, which looks like it will happen after the current legislative session. Former Republican congressman Rick Hill looks like the frontrunner in the GOP primary, for now.

As for me, I’m just wondering if I should send a bucket of KFC to the Attorney General.  The Attorney General hasn’t responded to numerous interview requests to be on our statewide radio talk show, and then the first chance he gets to be on the show when I am gone he jumps on it. Let’s just say Bullock is no Governor Schweitzer (D-MT).  I don’t know why he would be too chicken to be on the show when I am hosting- I give each guest a chance to speak their piece.  

Longtime spokesman to Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT), Barrett Kaiser, guest hosted the show Monday and Tuesday, and from what I hear- did a great job mixing it up.  (Getting a kick out of the emails from our conservative listeners) That’s of course after last week’s shows, when former Chief of Staff to Congressman Denny Rehberg (R-MT), Erik Iverson, tore into Senator Baucus on deficit spending.

Speaking of campaigns, US News and World Report has a feature titled “10 Things You Didn’t Know About Jim Messina.”  Messina, of course, is a University of Montana alum who served as Senator Baucus’ Chief of Staff.  He did all that before rising to the position of Deputy White House Chief of Staff and now runs the Obama 2012 presidential campaign out of Chicago. 

Number two on the list kind of makes you wonder, is Jim Messina representing Jimmy Carter all over again?

Messina’s interest in politics was sparked in 1980 when, as a fourth grader, he volunteered to represent Jimmy Carter in a class mock election and lost to the Reagan representative.

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