Rehberg Pumps Em’ Full of Unleaded

Aaron Flint posted on March 28, 2011 08:36 :: 1102 Views

Congressman Denny Rehberg (R-MT) spent his weekend in Great Falls pumping residents full of unleaded, as The Great Falls Tribune reports.

After talking to residents across Montana, Rehberg, who has announced his intent to challenge for Democrat Jon Tester’s Senate seat, gained firsthand experience about the cost of fuel at Mountain View Co-op’s Smelter Avenue convenience store by pumping gasoline for constituents during the morning rush.

On Friday, unleaded gasoline at the Mountain View Co-op station was $3.39 a gallon and diesel was $3.99 a gallon.

Video report:

As a side note, he’s not a Senator…yet.  The KFBB-TV anchor in Great Falls made a nice mid-stride catch.  Click below to watch. 

Meanwhile, Rehberg was also in Sidney as part of his “All the Above” statewide energy tour. 

And, as The Sidney Herald reports, the town’s mayor and others benefitting from the oil boom are concerned about the impacts of proposed regulations on hydraulic fracturing.

From the Herald’s report: Former state senator Larry Tveit said after talking to several oil men, hydraulic fracking is crucial to life in the Williston Basin. If it becomes regulated by federal government or worse, banned entirely, it would be detrimental to the oil industry in the MonDak region.

Sidney Mayor Bret Smelser told Rehberg there is concern that legislation from Pennsylvania, where fracking for natural gas is shallower, will effect oil in the Bakken, where fracking is much deeper. Tveit urged Rehberg to “raise hell” in Washington D.C.

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