MT Native Searches for Bombs in Afghanistan

Aaron Flint posted on March 24, 2011 17:03 :: 1432 Views

During the past few weeks we brought you live reports from Afghanistan, where I was able to get out on patrol with Montana service members serving overseas. 

I’m now back in Montana, and have much more footage to share. Today, our newest story featuring a Montana native working to clear the roadways of improvised explosive devices.

by Aaron Flint

As we rode back into Forward Operating Base Lagman, near Qalat, Afghanistan, we passed another outgoing patrol of American military vehicles.  One of those vehicles contained Alberton, Montana native Richard Sween.

Staff Sergeant Sween serves on a route clearance team; meaning, he’s one of the guys that goes out everyday looking for bombs in the road.  We caught up with Sween late one Saturday night following a 12 hour mission.  You can watch the full video report by clicking below.

We also wanted to give Staff Sergeant Sween a chance to say hello to all his family and friends back here in Montana.  If you scroll to the end of the video clip, he says hello to family and friends back in Montana.  

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