Molloy, Wolf Protest Planned for Missoula

Aaron Flint posted on March 23, 2011 15:22 :: 1177 Views

After being holed up like Qadhafi in their bunkers following bi-partisan opposition to their lawsuit on wolves, several environmental groups are now looking for a temporary ceasefire.

But, despite this temporary cease fire announced by the environmental groups and the Department of Interior that allowed for the de-listing of wolves in Montana and Idaho, sportsmen are planning a protest in Missoula.  

Toby Bridges with  is organizing the event and had this to say on his website:

Join LOBO WATCH at the U.S. District Courthouse (corner of E. Broadway and N. Pattee streets in Missoula, MT) from 12 to 12:30 p.m. until about 4 p.m. on March 24th…And bring a protest sign calling for Wolf Control Now…Or Donald Molloy’s resignation…OR BOTH!

All this, as some of the environmental groups fighting to keep wolves on the endangered species list don’t appear to support the latest compromise. 

Eve Byron has this report:

Two environmental groups who don’t want to settle the lawsuit over the delisting of gray wolves in Montana and Idaho say they don’t understand how their former partners in the federal court case can now support state wolf management plans that they previously found so inadequate.

She then quoted Mike Garrity with the Alliance for the Wild Rockies, who criticized the other environmental groups, saying  “Essentially, what has changed is they couldn’t take the heat.”

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